The Source for Women

Holistic Reproductive Health Centers

Saving and changing lives in Houston

It's not what we're against, it's what we're for. We are here for her.

Serving those at risk for unintended pregnancy and abortion

In our mission to empower healthy reproductive choices, The Source for Women advocates for the health of a woman's whole person—body, mind, and spirit. With your partnership, we are saving and changing lives, one woman, child and family at a time.

Pregnancy medical care

Help save the lives of the 23,000+ babies aborted each year in greater Houston! Provide cost-free pregnancy medical care to women at risk for abortion.

Preventive medical care

Help grow healthy relationships and change the lives of women at risk for unintended pregnancy with cost-free preventive reproductive health care.

Holistic care

Support holistically healthy women, children, and families with comprehensive care that includes counseling, mentorship, education and material assistance.

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